Erasmus Değişim Programı

Mehmet Tanrıkulu Vocational School of Health Services

Medical Services and Techniques Department

Medical Imaging Techniques

AIBU Mehmet Tanrıkulu Vocational School of Health Services has established as a unique vocational school of AIBU at Golkoy Campus and trained about 100 students in medical imaging techniques being one of active health programs since 2015. The purpose of the medical imaging techniques program belonging to medical services and techniques department is to train qualified and helpful radiology technicians for diagnosing and treatment of diseases in radiology services in private and state health foundations. During intensive training, students have basic health and radiology anatomy, theoretical and practical medicine imaging, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, radiation safety and protection lessons as main courses of the program. The graduated students have had an associate’s degree at the end of two years (four semesters). They can do internship to not only develop the owned talents and experiences and but also to consolidate the gained practical and theoretical knowledges throughout training processes in radiology departments of AIBU, School of Medicine. AIBU medicine faculty hospital having capacity of 300 beds and property of tertiary medical centre has X-ray, ultrasonography, fluoroscopy, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, interventional radiology and nuclear medicine departments. The program has been supported by lecturers from Academic Staff of Radiology Department of AIBU School of Medicine in order to ensure more quality theoretical and practical training of the students. The students are tightly linked to medical ethics and deontological rules, respect for patient rights at any time to carry out the task in all conditions have been cultivated as people with mental and physical structure. Additionally, the students have easily cultural, art and sportive activities together with faculties and institutes’ students in the campus. The graduated student from this program can pass vertically to nursing program of health school by getting enough scores at Vertical Passage Exam done by Student Selection and Placement Centre. The vision of the program is to provide perfectly the training of people with vocational qualifications and technical ability by following the technological and scientific improvements in health sector. 


Mehmet Tanrıkulu Vocational School of Health Services

Oral and Dental Health Program

The Oral and Dental Health Technicians graduated from Vocational Schools' Oral and Dental Health Program; is a health technician who helps the dental operation to prepare the treatment materials and keep them ready for use. The aim of the oral and dental health program is to educate as intermediate staff (health professionals), respective, qualified, contemporary and capable of dental health in line with international standards, for both public and private sector.

Students of the Oral and Dental Health Program take theoretical and practical lessons in their fields such as clinical study methods in dentistry, dentistry tools and materials, tooth morphology, infectious diseases-microbiology-sterilization, dental radiology, preventive dentistry and clinical applications. They are able to apply the rich theoretical knowledge received in this program to the clinics within the AIBU Faculty of Dentistry (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, Endodontics, Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Periodontology, Prosthodontics, Restorative Dentistry). In addition, there are many materials and tools used in dentistry in the vocational high school. They can practice their internship in dental offices, various public institutions and faculties of dentistry.

Upon their graduation, students receive the title of “Oral and Dental Health Technician”. If they wish, program graduates may also continue their studies at suitable higher level programs specified by the Turkish Higher Education Board (YÖK). Oral and Dental Health technicians may pursue employment opportunities at dental clinics, hospitals’ dentistry departments and companies providing dental health services.